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Madeline Hulsey has always been a beauty guru. She feels as if this is her calling. At the age of 16,  Madeline attended The Salon Professional Academy in Huntsville, AL to make her dream become a reality. She spent three years in salon, and still felt a gap in her career. After searching for the missing part, it was found in doing hair and makeup. Madeline started free-lancing on location, and mainly focusing on bridal, pageant, and print. She finds great joy in the fact she is a part of such a milestone in an individuals life. She loves creating a unique 'look' for each person who sits in her chair. It brings much joy to her heart that she is able to cater to bridal parties. Madeline thinks it's beautiful how your closest friends are all present that day, and the energy in the environment is so uplifting. She enjoys being able to make the bridal party looks, complement the bride. Because isn't that what this whole day is about? She not only strives to answer your request, but brings your personality to each look. She believes that is her main goal.

"Not one person who sits in my chair is alike the one before them. The skin tone varies as well as hair color, and hair abundance. The personalities range, and light sheds different on each person. That is the most beautiful thing about this calling. Therefor, not one look should resemble any other one than from before, and that's what makes this an art." Madeline states.  It's not just about the look on the wedding day, but the beauty of cherishing each moment. Madeline, understands the importance of the day to every individual, and also creates a stress free environment for everyone. She wants you to not just look perfect on your day, but to enjoy the moment, and be where your feet are. Madeline would love to serve you on your big day. 

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Eric & Jamie Photography
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Eric & Jamie Photography
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Eric & Jamie Photography
Eric & Jamie Photography
Eric & Jamie Photography
Eric & Jamie Photography
Eric & Jamie Photography


Wildflower Salon

2816 Culver Road

Mountain Brook, Alabama 35223

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