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This is a time to develop existing skills or become familiar with new techniques.

We provide a hands on guidance to lead through your concerns. We hope to teach  you exactly what we love and are blessed to do. 




We identify your concerns ensure your needs are addressed. More than anything, it is important to be open and honest. We work hands

on, guiding you through every step. We assess everything from the tools, to products you use, to make sure you can capture your look. 




All ages, ethnicity, and experience levels. We serve groups for a fun girl's night out and individual sessions for more personal bookings .With an array of experience, you or the group can become more confident in your abilities to develop your look.  




Offered on location or in

studio, we work to make it convenient for you.

Bookings can be done on a schedule or individual basis. 

We value your time and seek to work with you as needed.


Makeup & Mimosas

Makeup & Mimosas is a group course designed for the everyday female who questions her hair and makeup routine. This class is offered on location, or in studio! You will gain a sense of peace and confidence about yourself. I believe in a minimalist approach when it comes to makeup. Less is more when used correctly. Together we will examine your face as well as your current regiment, and individualize a plan to cater to your needs.  Wouldn't it be nice to walk into a cosmetic store, and know what you need? 

One on One Classes

In a one on one environment, I will prepare you for your wedding day, pageant hair and makeup, or just an in depth course for you! We will meet on location, and I will examine your makeup bag and your normal routine. You will work with me step by step on your new makeup routine, and I will provide a makeup chart and a product list personalized for you! 

class pricing

Makeup Class  $175

Curling Class  $70

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